Shoe Review

I had a wedding to go to last week, so I purchased two pairs of sandals.  Both by Skechers, since I just love the go walks.

The first pair, were meant to be for evening’s out.  NOTE: the picture is of a metallic pair, mine are black but otherwise, identical.  These shoes were amazing.  I wore them for hours without feeling an pinches or pulling on the straps.  The balls of feet didn’t ache and that is a huge plus in my book.  I have recommended these sandals to everyone, even walking around the office and showing them off. First comments are always “Skechers makes sandals?”.  I got these at DSW.

Rumblers Stretch by Skechers

The second pair of shoes did not fair that well.  They were purchased for the specific intent on wearing them for the “white” photo.  The bride arranged for all of us to group on the beach, wearing all white and have our pictures taken.  Now, I did wear these at home, around the house to break them in, but it must have been the humidity, the straps are horrible.  They dug and pulled on my foot.  The bottom was fine, because let’s face it …. they’re Skechers.  It’s really too bad too, these are so cute.  I got these at Softmoc.

Wild Child White Wedge by Skechers