This week was not the biggest change that I’ve seen, especially given that I mostly fasted for two days. Mostly. That my friends is the kicker. I have to amend my schedule again, but this time it’s because I find it too hard to fast on a workout day. I found myself eating a small amount, after the workout and while I didn’t feel guilty (notice how I didn’t say that I was sneaking food) I did realize that it would impact the scale. And that my friends, is OK. For this weeks photo, I took a selfie, using my Ring remote.

Me in my office/workout room

Progress Update

On day 8 (May 10, 2020) , I was 192.8LB and when I weighed in on the morning of day 15, I was 191.6LB. For a total loss of 1.2LB. WOOT!

What did I do?

DAY 8: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 9: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 10: Fasting
DAY 11: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 12: Fasting
DAY 13: Eating 12PM TO 7PM
DAY 14: Eating 12PM TO 7PM


I forgot about Mothers Day, so I was going to move the Steak to Sunday, but I couldn’t find any good steak (at a reasonable price), so I switched it for Salmon with a creamy pesto, asparagus and sautéed garlic mushrooms.

Then on Monday I made a double batch of Carnitas. My family really loves this meal. My only issue is that my eyes are ALWAYS bigger than my stomach. I stumbled on this recipe, pretty sure I saw something on TV that made me want to try these. Since I have an Instant pot (thanks to my friend Jean) this is just one more reason to say WOW, what a great purchase. Here is the recipe that I used, it’s called Instant Pot Crispy Carnitas and it was posted by Gimme some Oven. Sorry no photo, ate it too fast. Next time. The way we layer these in the bowl is as follows: chopped lettuce, Carnitas, sauteed mushrooms, onions, mushrooms, shredded cheese, sour cream and guacamole. This made the eating days really simple since the food was already prepared and just needed to be reheated. I have updated my meal plan (again) as this will be a living document that changes as it is lived.

On Friday we finally had steak and I was craving a dish I made a couple of weeks ago. I found this delicious eggplant recipe by Vered DeLeeuw, CNC on the Healthy Recipes blog. It is so good. In fact, I had it as left overs the following day for lunch.



I am still working out twice a week with Faye. My son, Sebastien, joined me on one of the classes. I was lax in working out with him on the treadmill while watching old episodes of Archer. I need to remedy that! Next week the workout days don’t conflict with my fasting days!

I will continue to post this fasting journey. Everyone take care and be safe!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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