Where is the life Pause button?

Not because I want to pause life, but because I need to un-pause and get back into gear.  I’m uncomfortable with indecision.  But, here I am.  Undecided as to what to do next.  Time to make a move.

Have you ever found yourself standing there, completely still, but with all the the racing thoughts of everything you “should” be doing.  That’s where I am now.  So many decisions to be made.  From small decisions to the big life ones.

Do we move or don’t we?  This one needs a family meeting (this site is called “Plan the journey”).  Pros/Cons have to be discussed, as well as, if we do/don’t we still need to make some changes on the home front.  What are our reasons to move?  What type of house do we want to move into?  What type of neighbourhood?  If we move, lots of planning to get the house organized for sale, plus need to look at upgrades that need to be completed.  If we stay, still need to de-clutter (see the Play button below for more details on this tidbit) the house and look at some upgrades to make staying more appealing.

Do I write an e-book?  I keep thinking about this one.  I’d like to capture the mason jar salads that have really worked, including substitutions based on diet i.e. Weight Watchers, Atkins, Low Carb …  I’ve spent hours, upon hours, of time researching the salads.  Including internet salad composition, grocery store “best-buys”, planning preparation, techniques, tools and timing.  I want to share this with people.  But how?  I’ve never written an e-book.  Lots of research into the tools to use, photo’s to take and methods to capture.

Regular Yoga vs Hot Yoga?  I LOVE, super LOVE hot yoga.  Especially at Georgina Hot Yoga, they have a great Facebook page too. But I wanted to give regular yoga a shot too.  I like regular yoga.  I enjoy similar aspects of both. 

    • YOGA –  I like the movement, the stretching and the focus on my practice.  Regular yoga is included in my YMCA membership.  I can take it 4 times a week, for a reasonable fee.  Plus this includes pool access, spin classes, weight training, Pilates and MORE.
    • HOT YOGA – This is so different, yet similar.   Hot Yoga (at least at Georgina Hot Yoga) is a community.  Filled with good feelings and people that are truly in search of a sense of peace.  Going here is a workout, don’t be mistaken, but it’s also a place where I go to re-centre myself and find my balance.  The enveloping warmth, coupled with movement flow, make this something that just has to be experienced.  I was lucky enough to try out hot yoga for a full month and it was incredible.  Extra plus, this studio is super convenient, as in, just a couple of blocks from my house.

These are a few of my “paused” moments.


So time to hit the play button.  Let’s start with de-cluttering.  Apparently, no matter what we decide to do, this has to be done.  While I’m not a “hoarder” per say, I do have a lot of “stuff”.  My son, Josh, has jumped on this bandwagon and already sold (thanks Let Go app) my Power Plate Vibration machine.  No jokes.  This was a hit at one time, so I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased one.  Now some guy, named Keith, from Toronto is the proud owner of my old “jiggle” machine.  Next on the list?  The full body massage chair I purchased for Martin, several years ago, that only gets used once every six months.  Time to “Let Go”.

While I’m not quite out of my “paused” state, I am making moves to get things on track.  Nothing that a few glasses of Moscato (or juice as my friends call my wine since it is so sweet), some good friends and some tasty treats won’t fix.  Maybe even a spa day to get everything into focus.

Take care, I’ll update you on steps to un-pause.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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