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Let’s just say, that following the metabolic diet requires creativity, internet savvy and patience (by patience, I mean your family needs this skill to deal with the concoctions you will cook up). Right before Christmas I weighed in at the Metabolic clinic, but since we were just about to start holiday season, I didn’t adjust my diet until January 2, 2017.  Here are the results of both my initial weigh in (from Dec. 2016) and last weeks first weigh in.

This week for breakfast, I’ll be making a combo of omelets and shakes (with the new chocolate protein shake that I picked up).  Not bad for a confusing start. 

This has been a full week of figuring out what to eat and getting more water into my routine.  As you know, this is my weakness.  Instead of pizza on Friday, a constant in our house, Martin grilled steak and I made garlic cauliflower bread-sticks with homemade tomato sauce.  With the added sugar free BBQ sauce I picked up, it was awesome.  The kids and husband all devoured it.

Steak and cauliflower bread sticks

On the weekend I went shopping with my husband, on my list were egg whites, but upon seeing the $4 price tag for just under 500ml of whites, he suggested that we purchase eggs (at a cost of $2) and he would separate them.  So here is the result of my husbands ingenuity.  He’ll use the yolks as part of some omelets he’ll make during the week.

I use my time in the kitchen to mult-task, often making two or more meals at once.  I figure, if I’m here anyway, might as well get two done at the same time.  This works really well for us since Tuesdays are really crazy busy, with both my husband and son leaving for cadets an hour after I walk in the door.

Making a Taco Sheppards Pie w/creamed cauliflower and Chicken & Sausage casserole.

Looking forward to what this week will bring.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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