When your sick, just be sick

I woke up yesterday morning expecting to get on the scale and either go up (a bit) or little to no change. This wasn’t because of some misguided, “I expect to see something disappointing, but hope that I don’t” kind of feeling.  This was based on a mid-week scale check (I know, it’s an addiction) and a silent run-down of my week.  Was I ever surprised.

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Tweeking the mason jar salad

The difference, among many, between the metabolic clinic and weight watchers is that you need to book your next weigh in.  I was so used to WW that I didn’t even think to do that on my last visit.  So when Thursday rolled around (Jan 12th) I just assumed I would go weigh in.  But when I called, I was informed that I would need to book an appointment for next week.  So I figured, I would stick to Thursdays and booked it for last night, Jan 19th.  I apologize, that’s a lot of dates.  But the results were good, even if I did forget to book last week.

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A warm mason jar salad?

OK, so one thing I’m learning is that while it’s definitely a different way of eating, it’s not bad.  You really need to just be creative.  Or know someone that’s been through it, that can share their experience.   WAIT!  That’s me!  So, it’s time to roll out a new salad.  I was tossing the idea around, to try another week without chicken salads and I thought, “steak”.  We love steak.

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Getting Creative in the kitchen

Let’s just say, that following the metabolic diet requires creativity, internet savvy and patience (by patience, I mean your family needs this skill to deal with the concoctions you will cook up). Right before Christmas I weighed in at the Metabolic clinic, but since we were just about to start holiday season, I didn’t adjust my diet until January 2, 2017.  Here are the results of both my initial weigh in (from Dec. 2016) and last weeks first weigh in.

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Wait! What can I eat?

I’m calling this 1.25 since it reports on yesterday and this morning.

So this was a poor planning exercise on my part.  I woke up yesterday morning and starting making to-do lists on this great list app (to-do, grocery lists).  I love that you can share the grocery list with everyone in the family and when they want to add something, each person (who has the app installed) opens the app and adds the item.  It then shows up on my grocery list.  The app even has a handy bar code scanner.  Sweet!

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