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If you’re looking for a review that will point out the fact that the phone has a bright AMOLED screen  (I had to look up what AMOLED meant) or the Swap button feature (which I didn’t even know about until I read Ben Sin’s review in Forbes, thanks Ben!) then you should go to one of the tech review sites.  This review is written by a person that uses this phone to blog, take photos of her kids and listens to audio books.

Me holding my new phone, but the picture was taken with an Iphone 5s

As you know, I went scuba diving with my S6 Edge.  It was a sad day for me.  I liked that phone.  What did I like about it?  It took great pictures and it looked good.  I never used the edge functionality but it was there if I wanted.  Initially I went back to using an iPhone 5s.  But the battery wouldn’t hold a charge and it took blurry photos (at best).  My biggest problem however is iTunes.  I can’t stand the application.  I want to just drag and drop.  Staunch iPhone users say “you can do that with iTunes”, yes, but only after you log in and find the menus, load your music, sync …. OMG.  I gave up.  My husband dug out his old (cracked) Samsung S3, at least I knew this phone.  I had one previously.  At first it wasn’t so bad, but then the camera went (after a couple of weeks), which we think is because of the cracked screen.  Then it would randomly just restart.  So I started searching Kijiji for used phones.  I had a budget of $200, we are watching our bank accounts closely in an effort to pay down the mortgage/debts.

I found a used S6 for $400.  Tempting.  But then my son said “why not look for a OnePlus?”  OnePlus?  What phone is that?  Samsung?  LG?  Nope.  It’s OnePlus.


The company was founded in 2013.  They have 4 phones.  So I looked into it.  I could find a used OnePlus 1, the phone that my son has, for $200.  SWEET.  His camera isn’t so bad, better than the 5S and S3.  But then my son offered this “Get the new phone, OnePlus 3, I’ll top the money, consider it a birthday & Christmas gift”.  WHAT?  At first I declined but after speaking with my husband I accepted my sons offer.  NOTE: my son is 21 and works full time.

The phone arrived fast, but on the day it arrived I waited for my son to get home from work so that we could “unbox” it together.  I can’t really get into much detail about opening the box, but I’m sure you can find lots of Youtubers doing just that.

What do I like about this phone?

The fast charge is at the top of my list.  It charges so fast, in 30 minutes from empty, you have a fully charged phone.  So important when you remember that you need your phone charged right before you head out.

The price is amazing, my S6 was over $1,000 not on contract.  This phone was $519. ChaChing!

Battery life, if I’m not playing games on my phone all day, which I can’t since I’m at work, I only have to charge this phone once per day.  Some say they charge their phones every other day, but I really use my phone: taking pictures, listening to music/books and of course games.

When you touch an app or drag the screen the phone responds instantly.  I love that that, no double tapping to get an app open.

Beautiful pictures.  I blog, obviously, so I need a phone that can take great pictures.  I have a Sony SLR but I don’t always have it on me.

My husband has an S4, but the SIM card is constantly un-seating and the phone randomly turns off.  I’ve talked to my son about a similar “birthday/Christmas gift idea” for his dad.  Fingers crossed.

OVERALL?  Get this phone.  If you like android, then the switch is seamless and you will be so happy.  Bonus?  Your kids will be impressed.  If you’re an iPhone user … why?


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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