Strike that salad (make that 1.5 salads) from my list

I realize that not every salad I will make will be a hit.  In fact, I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t had more “disappointing” outcomes.  But this week I have 1.5 salads to remove from my list.  How can I have 1.5?  Let me explain.

apple pecan egg salad

While the Apple Pecan sounds great and maybe some of you will like those flavours together.  I’m just not a fan.  I loved the bites of apple, pecan and goat cheese.  But mix in the greens, onions and dressing … ugh.  Not impressed.  So that’s one salad off the list.  Now let’s move to the egg salad.  OK, well to be honest, I should have known better.  Have you ever made egg salad, for sandwiches and had extra salad?  If you put it into the fridge, you can re-use it the next day but if you wait longer than a day, something weird happens to the egg salad.  It goes all runny.  I know, gross, but it’s true.  So I did what I do.  I looked on the internet to find out what’s happening to my egg salad and low and behold, others have the same issue.  I found this site that talked about how to make a “Not wet egg salad“.  So, I’m going to give it a try next time.  But as for this week, the Egg Salad – Mason Jar Style was great on Monday but too watery by Wednesday.  So while I won’t strike Egg Salad from my list, I will significantly modify it for next time.

On to the WW Weigh in, I wasn’t really that worried going in this week.  I had done the “eating” thing right.  But I haven’t really “moved” a whole lot.  Just my basic 8000 steps that I promised myself I would do for the Phase One of the GCC.  So it was nice to see that my eating habits are paying off.

Here is my weekly weigh in and my weigh in Video.

FullSizeRender (3)

Have a great weekend.


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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