Week 10 It’s a habit now

Repost: March 15, 2016

Have you heard  the saying “Do something for 21 days ….”  And it becomes a habit.  After 10 weeks of Salad prep I am proud to say that making them has become a habit I love.  I even tried to think up a new recipe this week, Veggie Goat Cheese and Chicken, you will see it pictured below.

Here is my Week 10 Salad List

Week 10 Salads

If you noticed, the Asian Sesame didn’t have greens at the top and it still tastes awesome.  I just love the crunch of bean sprouts mixed in with the sweet Asian dressing and spicy chicken.

So guess what I did this week?  I introduced my neighbours (I have many, but these are the ones to our left) to Mason Jar Salads.  After running into them at the grocery store, I described the Mason Jar theory.  But once I got home, I felt that maybe practical experience would be more descriptive.  After making all the salads, I selected two of the Chicken Fajita jars and walked next door.  I left them with basic instructions of how to eat them (you wouldn’t believe the number of people that think you eat the salad out of the jar, wait, if you’re one of those people, no disrespect).

The next day my neighbour called to say how great the salads were and to come by and taste test something her husband had made.  I got my prized Austrian Cabbage Sausage soup from him, it’s a good bet I will like what he’s whipped up, so off we went (yes, we, I dragged my husband with me).  After a couple of glasses of wine (points counted of course), I promised to send my neighbour the salad list.  This way, she can pick out 1, 2 or 3 different salads she would like to make.   Now, we just need to figure out when we can get together.  She has a much larger kitchen, so maybe at her house.

I love introducing people to these salads, they are always amazed at how the greens stay crunchy.



“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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