It doesn’t always taste great

Repost: March 19, 2016

It doesn’t always taste great, this week I added a new salad and I’m sad to say, it was kinda awful.  The Veggie Goat Cheese has now been removed.  My mom has suggested I make the Antioxidant Salad.  I did the research and I can make it for 7 Smart Points.  Look for it on my list this weekend.

I’m going to set the same goal as the previous week, it works, I just didn’t do it this week.

GOAL: this week I must exercise for 30 minutes (with at least 15 of that for cardio) before I can earn the “fit points” needed to play ESO.

Week 11 weigh in

The weight loss shows that I’ve got the food covered, more weight loss will happen with exercise.

Back to music, so I love this song: Cake by the Ocean.  This is me, taking the stairs (no elevators for me) on my tea/coffee walk.  I’ve got music playing in the bluetooth.


Have fun this weekend!


“Plan for tomorrow, because tomorrow you won’t have time”

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